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SHERLOCK HOLMES: A GAME OF SHADOWS – Robert Downey Jr. and Jude Law reteam for this sequel that has the world’s most famous detective going up against his intellectual nemesis Professor Moriarty.

EDWARD, MY SON – From 1949 this classic drama stars Spencer Tracy as a man obsessed with giving his son the best of everything until it destroys his whole world. Deborah Kerr was nominated for a Best Actress Oscar for her performance as Tracy’s long suffering wife.

GHOST RIDER: SPIRIT OF VENGEANCE – Nicholas Cage returns as Johnny Blaze in this sequel, which has Johnny recruited by the church to save a young boy from the Devil.

WE NEED TO TALK ABOUT KEVIN – A suspenseful and gripping psychological thriller. Director Lynn Ramsey explores the fractious relationship between a mother and her evil son. In a tour-de-force performance Tilda Swinton plays a mother contending with the increasing malevolence of her teenage son.

INTO THE ABYSS – Director Werner Herzog explores a triple homicide case in Texas. Through intimate conversations with those involved Herzog achieves what he describes as “a gaze into the abyss of the human soul.” Another terrific documentary from the man who brought you “Grizzly Man”, “Encounters at the End of the World” and “Cave of Forgotten Dreams.”

WITHOUT HONOR – Another classic drama from 1949, stars Laraine Day, Dane Clark, and Franchot Tone.

GOOD DEEDS – Tyler Perry stars as a successful and wealthy businessman who has always done what’s expected of him, until he meets a single mother who inspires him to live the life he’s always wanted. Also stars Thandie Newton and Gabrielle Union.

THE RICH ARE ALWAYS WITH US – A 1932 pre-code classic stars Ruth Chatterton, George Brent, and Bette Davis.

SEEKING JUSTICE – An action / thriller starring the very busy Nicholas Cage as a desperate husband sucked into a murderous conspiracy, a loosely based reworking of Hitchcock’s “Strangers on a Train.”

CERTIFIED COPY – The great Iranian director Abbas Kiarostami travels to Tuscany for a luminous and provocative romance in which nothing is as it appears. This mind bending reflection on authenticity stars Juliette Binoche and real life opera singer William Shimell.


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