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THE AVENGERS – The Super-Hero movie that beats all the others. Bringing together 6 Super-Heroes from the Marvel Comics universe, director Joss Whedon has created a dramatic, action-packed entertainment, that takes the “popcorn” movie to a whole new level. This is the Super-Hero movie for all those people who think they would never watch a “comic book movie”. Not to be missed!

HIDE AWAY – Josh Lucas plays a successful businessman with a troubled past who buys a dilapidated sailboat, which becomes a beacon of hope on his journey back toward redemption.

THE CABIN IN THE WOODS – Joss Whedon wrote & produced this, too-smart-for-it’s-own-good, little horror film about five college friends who retreat to a vacation cottage, only to find themselves trapped in a supernatural conspiracy.

INSPECTOR LEWIS – 5 mysteries on 3 dvd’s from the BBC. The Inspector and his partner, Detective Sergeant James Hathaway, investigate murders in the idyllic Oxford countryside.

THE SAMARITAN – Samuel L. Jackson plays an ex-con whose past comes back to haunt him as he’s drawn into an ingenious plan for a big score by his former partner’s son.

ANOTHER HAPPY DAY – Dysfunctional family drama with a great cast including Ellen Barkin, Kate Bosworth, Thomas Haden Church, Ellen Burstyn, and Demi Moore.

THE BEST EXOTIC MARIGOLD HOTEL – Judi Dench, Bill Nighy, Maggie Smith, and Tom Wilkinson star in this charming comedy about seven cash-strapped seniors who decide to outsource their retirement to a resort in India. Friendship and romance soon follow.


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