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Here are the top 25 films of the year as determined by 85 film critics from across the country. This is by far, the most comprehensive, democratic distillation of current critical opinion that exists. You may not agree with some of the rankings, you may not have heard of some of the films, but this poll will challenge your thinking about what constitutes great cinema.

1  THE MASTER  –  available on dvd

2  ZERO DARK THIRTY  –  available on dvd

3  HOLY MOTORS  –  available on dvd

4  MOONRISE KINGDOM  –  available on dvd

5  THIS IS NOT A FILM  –  available on dvd

6  ONCE UPON A TIME IN ANATOLIA  –  available on dvd

7  AMOUR  –  not scheduled for release yet

8  THE TURIN HORSE  –  available on dvd

9  LINCOLN  –  available on dvd

10  TABU  –  not scheduled for release yet

11  THE DEEP BLUE SEA  –  available on dvd

12  THE KID WITH A BIKE  – available on dvd

13  BEASTS OF THE SOUTHERN WILD  –  available on dvd

14  OSLO, AUGUST 31ST  –  available on dvd

15  THE LONLIEST PLANET  –  available on dvd

16  COSMOPOLIS  –  available on dvd

17  DJANGO UNCHAINED  –  release date April 16th

18  BERNIE  –  available on dvd

19  SILVER LININGS PLAYBOOK  –  release date April 30th

20  RUST AND BONE  –  available on dvd

21  ARGO  –  available on dvd

22  BARBARA  –  not scheduled for release yet

23  ALMEYER’S FOLLY  –  not scheduled for release yet

24  NEIGHBORING SOUNDS  –  not scheduled for release yet

25  MAGIC MIKE  –  available on dvd


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